Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Boys - Goldfishes in disguise?

Did you know that a Goldfish has a memory span of 3-7 seconds? Yep, well I'm beginning to think the same can be said for boys, or as I might start calling them boyfishes.

Mortensen, P. (2010, June 9). Goldfish Memory. The Fishbowl Experiment: 
So, last week I took part in a group interview (for a job didn't get sadly), but part of the activities included a section of telling us about yourself. There was about 25 of us in total, who all got up to voluntarily share any information they felt they wanted us to know. One guy, let's call him X (because I honestly can't remember his name anyway), got up to introduce himself, and proclaimed to the group a number of facts about himself, include his relationship status "I'm kind of single, its complicated with my baby mother" - his exact words. Pretty obvious, what that means right?! 
Now, lets fast forward about an hour or so, the workshop is over now, and I'm trying to get home because I'm tired and hungry and super hungry but not quite hangry yet! As I make my way towards M&S because they do the nicest Belgian chocolate cheesecake slice ever, and as I said I was super hungry. Anyway, I hear guy X calling my name and I try act like I didn't hear him, but boys being boys didn't take the hint, and ran over tapping on the shoulder. Reluctantly, I stopped, my hunger turning into to hangry with each passing second. Being the polite young lady I am, I entertained a little bit of his chit chat, but after about 5 minutes, guy X began to compliment me and eventually asked for my number. If you could have seen the look on my face, you would have turned around and ran away.

But wait! Okay, so lets rewind - "I'm kind of single, its complicated with my baby mother" 
I honestly just wanted to laugh so hard. It was only an hour or so ago, this same stupid boy, I mean boyfish, professed his complicated relationship with his baby mum. I simply proceeded to ask about his baby mum, and imagine what X said "Narh, I'm single you know, but my baby mum think's it complicated" 

Long story short, after explaining to him I'm only 22, please I don't need nor want this complication in my life, he did not get my number.  But it did get me thinking about why boys and their lies. Seriously, I get it, everybody lies but sometime I swear some of these boyfishes lie the worst. Honestly, its like they lie, then literally after taking a breath forget the lie and tell a completely different lie, there isn't even any overlap of the new lie with the previous lie. They are two completely different lies. The only explanation is that boys are goldfishes, physically incapable of remember there lies!

Now, don't get me wrong I know its not just boys who lie, us girls are no angels and some girls are the worlds biggest liars. I've told my fair share of little white lies, a one or two big black lies, but when I lie, I remember them, unlike a lot of guys (and a few girls) I've encountered. But some of the lies, I've heard boyfishes say, not only to myself but other girls and boys, just makes you think damn, some of them don't even make sense and its a completely different story! I could honestly, write an 10,000 word essay on all the small, stupid lies I've heard but we'd be here all night and no one has time for that!


So ladies, (fellas too, I'm not sexist, my post are for all sexes), what's the most rubbish blatant weak a** lie you've been told? Feel free to share and drop me some comments below.
               Remember lying is wrong guys and girls. But if your gonna lie, make sure you lie good!!!                                             
Just smile 
AK x