Sunday, July 03, 2016

No Drama June. Yeah Right...

Following a few months, of a series of literal 'WTF', 'Are you being serious?' and 'Is this even life?' moments. Amina & I, decided that the month of June would be called 'No Drama June' and we were deadly seriously. 

 We didn't want to entertain no drama, no Faisal's or Felicia's, no nothing but chilling, relaxing and drama free moments. BUT LOL, come on this is Amina & I, the way our lives are set up, just LOL. The universe clearly heard 'Drama June' and didn't respect us at all. We should have known No Drama June would have been an epic fail and boy was it...

We were so excited to start No Drama June, after months of breakups, fuckboys/Faisal's, the return of ex boyfriends/links, exams at university, ex's having babies, depression, anxiety, counselling and so much  more other, is this life moments. No drama June turned out to be the WORST month of my entire life.

I swear the universe was fucking with us, it tricked us into believing we could have a drama free month. It was like haha jokes on you! The first couple days started so well, then boom one week into No Drama June (07/06/16 to be precise) my world ended, as the love of my life, my Granddad passed. 

What did June end up having for us; 
Exam stress/doubts
Friends moving away
Weight gain - I literally became a baby dolphin
People who you thought were gonna be there for you ghosting
Unrequited feelings from unexpected/unwanted people
Many violations of the friend-zone agreement
PettinessLots of little bumps in the road
More ex's & their stupid ass drama
Family issues
Nanny being ill
Friend's drama

However, it did teach me, well more remind me; life is full of unexpected drama. It's inevitable; you'd be a fool to think you were going to avoid them. It's not about avoiding or shying away from drama it's about how you deal with it. Sometimes, even unintentionally people entertain drama and therefore, things are even more dramatic, and situations can escalate into something so big and complicated, for no reason at all. No drama June definitely helped remind me, drama is everywhere, it's unavoidable, especially in the society we live in today. It also reminded me that, support and happiness, can come from the most unexpected sources, and sometimes it's normal to be a little dramatic. 

But in spite of it being the worst month of my life - as cliché as it sounds, every cloud has a silver lining. By the end of June, I had found out that I would be graduating university with a FIRST CLASS degree and Amina had passed all her exams and is about to progress on to her final year of university - amazing considering the day before my last exam I was at a BBQ until 1 am and, Amina & I, spent a lot of the revision period, relaxing, eating and watching TV!

And although the death of my Granddad hit me like a rock, on the plus side, nothing for a long time can ever cause me so much pain, and the only direction is up! If we can get through No Drama June, unscathed, the world the is literally our oyster; and together we can do anything. 

Overall, No Drama June was nothing like we expected, but everything we should have expected. 

So remember, despite all the drama and stress life may bring your way, Never stop smiling :)

AK x