Friday, September 02, 2016

It's the circle of life; I mean friends

Circle of friends, or friendship circle. Sounds like some kinda weird hippy movement or something right? Don't worry it's not. It's more like an intervention/group therapy session.

So a few weeks back, my friends and I held our first friendship circle. And really, it's something I think all group of friends should do, even if it's only the once.

Now I know, especially with us ladies, we all have that friend, who we love with all our hearts but there always seems to be an issue with. Whether it be the friend that is ALWAYS late, or the friend that always miscommunicates with everyone, the constant flopper, or the rude bitch (the last one is probably me). And now usually, the issue is a minor but when, it starts to escalate and affect the whole group of friends, it's time to sort it out.

My main group of girls & I, have known each other and been friends since year 7 when we were tender little waste men. Year 7 till now, that's 11 to 22, and over 10 years of friendship. I've always said, no matter who I make friends with now, no-one will ever know me as well, and as long as they have. It's harder from me to remember a time when they weren't in my life.

When you've been friends with someone for almost half your life, it's easy to try and just brush certain things under the carpet & be like oh that's just typical so and so behaviour. But there's only so long you can brush stuff under the carpet before you start to trip over it & that's what friendship circle is about.

It's not about blasting or attacking your friends, it's about honesty and laying your cards on the table. It's about trying to save and continuously improve on something that me personally, I cherish. Don't be afraid of friendship circle, it shows you care & the friendship is not something you wanna lose. It's a time to share your feelings and woes, and let someone know what's up. At the same time being ready, and open to potentially being told that maybe you're contributing to the issue. Glass mirrors and all that. No friendship is perfect and no-one is perfect, but that's what makes a friendship; acceptance of you, for who you are.

My best friend, said something so gay bit soo true 'technically we date our friends & sometimes we just need couples counselling as friends' and if you think about it, it's true, practically everything (I said practically, so you know what I'm hinting at) you would do with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you do with your friends. If you were married to someone & they done something to constantly rub you up the wrong way, you wouldn't just divorce them. Or at least I hope not, you'd sit down as mature adults and discuss and work through your problems. As a group friends, it's worth taking the same approach. No-one wants to lose a friend (unless they are the devil incarnation, in which case...)

Friendship is soo important to me, after your family, friends are the next most important relationships in your life, hell some friends are family.

So guys & girls, if you have a friend were issues that are being really affect you, don't be stubborn. Let your friend know whats up, harboring unspoken feelings and letting them fester, will not help anything and can make something which is more likely minor, implode.

So Just Smile :)
AK x