I won't bore you with my biography but here's a few basic things I think you should know about me...

I was born on the small but breathtakingly beautiful island of Dominica but I have lived in London practically my whole life. My friends & family call me AK, Grandma, KiiWii, Keems, Keema, Kimmy just to name a few but my legal name is Akeema (Sadly I don't know the meaning of it).

I have been described as some what of a nerd, which isn't helped by the fact I am a Biomedical Sciences Graduate (Man Like Keems got a FIRST- haha beauty & brains LOL) & I'm about to start my MSc in Biomedical & Molecular Sciences. I'm a October baby - the 10th to be precise, making me a Libra, woop woop and on my next birthday I'll be 23!

I started this blog as I suffered and suffer with depression and my blog is basically one of my ways of dealing with it like a diary, somewhere I will ramble on like a mad woman, sharing snippets of my life that I think others may find interesting. Erm, anything else you want know feel free to ask and I'd happily answer any questions!

P.S: I'll often sign off my posts - Just Smile or Don't forget to smile, as someone who has depression, it always reminds me that life isn't as bad as it seem and something as simple as a smile can really change someone's day. The power of the smile is really undervalued.

Just Smile :)
AK x